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Computer Giving You Fits?

Computer slow?

Computer dead?

I can help!

My mission in life is to give you technical support you can understand, in plain English, at a reasonable cost. I service, repair, and build computers, and install Home Entertainment systems. I can also teach you how to get the most out of your home electronics.

I am available to help you in person if you live in or near Tucson, Arizona. I can also provide answers by phone or E-mail, or remote support  to your pressing Computer and Home Entertainment emergencies.

The All-Time Best FREE programs for Security and Maintenance-All in one place, with one download!

Below you will see what I consider the absolute minimum software to keep your computer safe and running well. (Assuming you already have Antivirus!)

  This link will install (Or update, if already installed):

  • Firefox web browser, because Internet Explorer breaks at times, and you need a way to access the web.
  • Glary Utilities, a free tune-up program
  • Java, which needs updating regularly
  • Malwarebytes, a very effective antispyware program
  • Adobe Reader, which also needs regular updates

Get Installer

Just click “Get Installer”, Above. You will be asked to download a small file. If asked whether to save or run, click “Run.”

If you need Antivirus, I recommend AVG. Click HERE for the installer.

After you run either file, just walk away for 30 minutes or so, and it’ll be finished!

For even more High-Quality, Easy-Install free software,

Including the best Free Antivirus,


This site is Firefox friendly.

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