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 Have you ever been confounded by your computer, discouraged by your DVD player, or felt ignorant about iPods?

Ever found yourself staring at the back of your TV wondering what all those plugs are for?

 How about spending hours just trying to get your new, 'Easy to Use' electronic gadget out of the box, hooked up and working?

 Ever call Technical Support and get somebody with a foreign accent you could cut with a knife??!

 Terrified to go to the store for fear they'll sell you things you don't need, but you don't know what you do need?

This new book can help!


ONLY 15.95!

 "Deciphering the 21st Century" is an illustrated primer, written in plain English, on how to make intelligent buying decisions in the complex, confusing world of consumer electronics. and how to get the most out of the product when you get it home.

 Based on years of consumer electronics experience, Part One of this book includes things the salesman won't tell you about How to buy TVs, computers, cell phones, DVD players, Home Theater and Satellite systems, Digital Cameras, mp3 Players, and accessories.

 Part Two tells you what to do once you get your shiny new gadget home: How to hook up audio, video and computers, how to maintain your stuff and keep it working in the real world, and even some tips on reading the Owner's Manual!

 Part Three explains what to do when things go wrong: How to do some basic troubleshooting, and what to do Before, During, and after your call to Technical Support.

 Part Four winds up with a collection of tips to keep your computer running smoothly. Topics include How to stay safe on the Internet, how to back up your vital data, how to tweak things to your taste, and how to download and install software, all written in simple, non-technical language.

A Glossary at the end defines critical terms in an understandable way.


ONLY 15.95!


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