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For over six years rain or shine, "The Gizmologist" of Tucson has  resolved computer crashes, hard drive issues, faulty programs, and more.

Taking advantage of your remote services, tuning up, cleaning out my computer once a month is key to keeping my home business alive. You've been faithfully supporting a computer with over 19,000 hours on it and you keep it humming.

Annette even coached my son in rocket building. We are blessed for her dependable and affordable support.

John M, Tucson, AZ


Hi Annette; I want to thank you and your computer service, your expertise, fast response, and successful and timely repairs to my computers. I look forward to the suggestions that your new newsletter will provide me in the maintenance of my computers.

Bill R, Marana, AZ


Annette is very knowledgeable with a computer. She listens to what you have to say. I have had her at my house for repairs twice and have been  very satisfied with her work. I look forward to reading her blog.

Kay M, Tucson, AZ



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